My modeling experience

Staying Safe

My last post was about finding photographers and this one will be about staying safe. It is important that people know that just because someone has a camera or says they are a photographer does not mean you want or should work with them.

1. Always check out their work and see if its the kind of work you want featured in your portfolio. If not then spend more time trying to schedule shoots with photographers you do want to work with.

2. Always Always Always check references and you should expect for them to check your references. Not all people are upstanding good people and that includes some (not all by any means) photographers. When you check references you find out about the experiences that other models have had with that photographer, however keep in mind girls can be caddy so not every would should be taken as gold. When the photographer checks your references he is looking for you potential, punctuality, professionalism and ability to see the shoot through to the end and commit to the theme or project.

Modeling is a lot harder than some might think and if your not willing to put the time and effort into it then you will not go anywhere and you could get yourself into a potentially dangerous situation because you neglected to check references.

Finding photographers

When I started thinking about modeling I was fortunate enough to friend a model on Facebook who helped me get started.
When you start thinking about modeling a good place to start is here you can browse for photographers in your area, read blogs about modeling, ask questions about getting started and find castings in your area.
Once you connect with photographers in your area you can start setting up shoots to start building your portfolio.

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